Great blue sky

Great blue sky

2009-12-22 18:57:56 (Around 11 years ago)

Two weeks and little time after receiving my long awaited Tokina 11-16mm here's the first public consequence.

It's a real pleasure to take pictures with this lens. The world seems very different when you look through it but it's also very challenging. Much more than I expected! You'd think that it's just point & shoot and let the ultra wide angle do it's stuff, but it's not that easy. A beautiful scene can easily become very boring if you don't know what you're doing.

This landscape was shot in Praia da Oura, Albufeira. Not much light and no tripod so I had to hold the camera still on the handrail. Not ideal of course, and zooming 100% I can see it's not razor sharp, but it's good enough.

I didn't do much post processing besides a slight levels adjustment and vignetting.

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