Can’t install PIL on Mavericks (unknown argument: -mno-fused-madd)

I tried installing PIL (Python Imaging Library) on Mavericks recently and ran into a few problems. Normally this should be enough:

sudo pip install pil

However, it failed on the “cc” command. It turns out I didn’t have the compiler installed. This is provided with the Xcode command line tools which I was missing. Some […]

Formatting XML in Sublime Text 2 (xmllint)

I’m always looking for the best tools to make my life easier. In this constant search for the best text editor for coding and general text work (mainly XML) I decided to try the amazing Sublime Text 2.

I was using TextWrangler for a while and had finally manage to get XML pretty formatting […]

Getting XML Tidy (xmllint) to work on TextWrangler 4.0

TextWrangler has recently released a major update – version 4.0. A lot has changed, check out the release notes here.

One of the things that changed is the way it handles scripts and text filters. If you don’t want to read through the whole thing, here’s the main part:

There are two […]