Evernote crashes or freezes at startup on Mac

I use Evernote on a daily basis for note taking at work. However, recently it started to freeze completely when opening it. It would start syncing and then just stay there until I would force close it.

After searching a little while I found a solution for this in the evernote forums, so if […]

How to use iTerm2 keyboard shortcuts with linux screen

Screen is a great tool if you spend a lot of time in the terminal and need to keep a bunch of connections open (here’s a good screen tutorial). However, it can be quite hard to master and some people prefer tmux for some more advanced and user-friendly features (go here for a tmux […]

Sublime Text 2 opens files in new window

A small annoyance of Sublime Text 2 for me was the fact that it always opened files in new windows instead of reusing the existing ones (OS X only). It turns out it’s quite easy to change this behavior. Here’s how:

Sublime Text 2 menu > Preferences > Settings – Default

Now search for […]

Formatting XML in Sublime Text 2 (xmllint)

I’m always looking for the best tools to make my life easier. In this constant search for the best text editor for coding and general text work (mainly XML) I decided to try the amazing Sublime Text 2.

I was using TextWrangler for a while and had finally manage to get XML pretty formatting […]

Getting XML Tidy (xmllint) to work on TextWrangler 4.0

TextWrangler has recently released a major update – version 4.0. A lot has changed, check out the release notes here.

One of the things that changed is the way it handles scripts and text filters. If you don’t want to read through the whole thing, here’s the main part:

There are two […]

List of essential free software

After cleaning up my computer and having to reinstall everything I decided to tidy up my archives and take advantage of my brand new 1 TB Lacie external hard drive to put all those little tools I always end up installing sooner or later. These take up something like 170mb and can be really […]

Screenshots on steroids with PrtScr

I love simple tools that make my life easier, and I just found out one of those. And this one has an extra WOW factor because it’s beautiful in the way it does what it does – grab a screenshot. It’s called PrtScr and you can find it here: http://www.fiastarta.com/PrtScr/ You’d better see it by […]