Jeremy Cowart

I just want to quickly share a great photographer that has conquered some real clients like ABC, E!, Fox, Sony, and many others.

He has a distinct style producing strong and bold images. The visual impact of his pictures makes you want to keep looking at them. Also worth mentioning is his beautiful website (it […]

Build your own camera stabilizer

This is quick one, and one of the best tips I’ve seen lately! If you’re like me and don’t have a decent tripod or you don’t like taking it everywhere you go, and also if your lenses have no image stabilization, this may come in handy. In a few minutes you can build your own […]

f-stops explained

This is a subject that for a long time has caused a lot of confusion in my head. Also, I have the feeling that very few people actually know what they’re talking about when refering to f-stops or apertures in photography. Because I’m a geek I decided to go a little deeper and finally cleared […]