How to use iTerm2 keyboard shortcuts with linux screen

Screen is a great tool if you spend a lot of time in the terminal and need to keep a bunch of connections open (here’s a good screen tutorial). However, it can be quite hard to master and some people prefer tmux for some more advanced and user-friendly features (go here for a tmux […]

Bash script to check server load and notify by email

Lately I have been dealing with high server load problems, both at work and on my own server so I’ve been reading about it and trying to understand what it means and how to debug such issues. I don’t mean to lecture you on the subject on this post but I will point you […]

Samba shares and SELinux – how to fix “Invalid key 0 given to dptr_close”

I recently had the need to configure a samba share on a linux box running Scientific Linux and I ran into a very annoying problem. I’m not going to explain all the details about how to configure the samba server and configure it (there are quite a few tutorials around for that, and I actually […]

How to fix warning: setlocale: LC_CTYPE: cannot change locale (UTF-8)

I recently encountered a problem when logging through SSH in to certain servers that I use for work when using my new Macbook Pro (running Lion 10.7.3).

So right after the login was completed I was getting the following message:

warning: setlocale: LC_CTYPE: cannot change locale (UTF-8)

It only happened on certain servers, for […]