Linkedin isn’t as smart as one would think

Just like millions of people, I regularly get the spammy Linkedin emails filled with job offers that should somehow match my profile. I've tried to unsubscribe before but somehow it never works. Maybe I haven't tried hard enough. I've never found them to be very relevant but I normally understand why certain offers end up in there, it somehow does match what I have in my profile. I've developed a certain tolerance towards these things, probably because my job is also related to search, relevance and content and I know how hard it is to get it right. It's like what many people feel about Google when it doesn't return what they want - the "it's not you, it's me" syndrome. Obviously Google knows best and I must have chosen the wrong keywords.

Well, today I lost some of that sympathy for Linkedin (I do understand you might be asking yourself "really, only now?") when I got the "Jobs you may interested in" email and, to my surprise, they think I may be interested in a job opening at the very same company I work at ( / Maybe it's on purpose, maybe it's just lack of tuning, but to me it just adds up to the "you have no idea what I want" bucket. Surely if there's a job opening at my company I would probably know about it through internal communication or other means. Why not simply look at where I work and filter out those offers?

Linkedin "Jobs you may be interested it"

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