Samba shares and SELinux – how to fix “Invalid key 0 given to dptr_close”

I recently had the need to configure a samba share on a linux box running Scientific Linux and I ran into a very annoying problem. I'm not going to explain all the details about how to configure the samba server and configure it (there are quite a few tutorials around for that, and I actually used Webmin which makes it very easy).

So after configuring everything, setting permissions and creating a user with simple password authentication, I was able mount the share on my mac but no contents were shown, not a single file.

I decided to debug more and checked the system log under


to see if there were any messages from smbd (the samba daemon). And in fact there were, I could see a lot of lines like this:

Nov 21 12:10:28 mymachine smbd[11558]: [2012/11/21 12:10:28.387715,  0] smbd/dir.c:304(dptr_close)
Nov 21 12:10:28 mymachine smbd[11558]:   Invalid key 0 given to dptr_close

After googling for this for quite a while I realized a lot of people had already stumbled upon this error but none of the solutions were working for me. When I reached out for help my sysadmin colleague here at work immediately suggested that SELinux might be blocking access to the share. So we quickly tried to set it to "permissive" mode temporarily by doing

# setenforce 0

This works on RedHat linux flavors, in other distributions might have to do

# echo 0 >/selinux/enforce

(set it to 1 to enable back again). After doing this the share suddenly worked perfectly.

Configuring SELinux permanently

Regarding SELinux, the commands above will disable it but only until the next reboot. If you want to set it to permissive mode permanently, look for the file


(in RedHat distros) and change the line


Keep in mind that disabling SELinux might not be advisable for security reasons.

I also found another solution which is probably the best one since it doesn't require you to disable SELinux. In my case this is not a problem because the machine is pretty well protected behind a firewall and it's only used internally, but your case might be different. I didn't explore these as deeply but I'll leave a couple of links here if you want to learn more about it:

Let me know if this helped by leaving a comment!

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