2009-02-09 01:56:57 (Around 12 years ago)

During a dangerous alcohol gamble, the dices roll, and whoever gets the smallest number has to to drink a generous sip. Do not try this at home ;-)

Some details about how to achieve this effect: first of all, slow down your shutter speed so you can get some trail on moving subjects. This was done at 1/4 sec. which is really slow. I also had to open up the aperture to f4.5 and use ISO 3200 because the light was pretty dim - otherwise I would need more than a second and that would make it impossible to take this picture and hand hold the camera.

But the real trick is in the flash. I'm not a big fan of flash, but I know that it has enormous potential for really creative stuff. In this shot I set-1 EV for the flash so it wouldn't make rough shadows and blown out whites. Then I set the flash synchronization to the "slow" setting. That allows the camera to shoot longer speeds and fire the flash at the same time so that you can benefit from the ambient light and still get a sharp subject, even if it's moving. This is what happened with these dices. Also, you can choose to fire the flash when the curtain opens (front curtain) or just before it closes (rear curtain). You can get different effects from this, it needs some experimentation.

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